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Below are the different types of advertising services we provide.
We offer many options and are confident, you will find one to fit your needs.

How it works:
  • Click one of our advertisings from below.
  • If this advertise allow targeting - select your target groups.
  • When you are done you will have the price, that you need to pay, calculated.
  • After you have paid for your ad package, please fill out the "Order Form"
    on the last step to complete the advertisement ordering process.
  • Complete all the information requested on the form then click submit.
  • Once your payment has been confirmed, we will process your order immediately.
  • For Upgrades we do not need ad information. Please just add any link and text in order for us to process your order in this case.


Ad Packages (2 Packs)
If you are looking for a package of multiple ads stop here. These packages give you excellent advertisement at discounted price.

Account Upgrade (2 Ads)
Free random referrals & monthly ads.

Sponsor ads (12 Ads)

Manual Surfhits (4 Ads)
Paid to Promote (PTP) ONLY!

Paid Email (12 Ads)

Paid to Click Banner (6 Ads)
Banner (468X60)

* This ad allows targeting. Price determined after choosing targets.